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Article Info:

Views: 176
Author: David Ben-Ariel

Kahane Was Right!

by: David Ben-Ariel

I hate math but I know math good enough to know Kahane was right when he said Israel's sworn enemies must go and that Israel should finish what the Arabs started:
An Exchange of Populations.
Some argue:
"Does it not occur to you that Sharon is moving to ensure - as far as possible - that 'Israel' remains within defensible borders?"
Does it not occur to such that General Sharon's duty is to [b]REMOVE THE THREAT[/b] the treacherous Nazi-Muslims pose to faithful Israeli citizens and their homes and towns and villages - not the victims!!!
Kahane was right: "THEY MUST GO!"
Some continue to argue:
"The cost of maintaining the (relative) safety of these Gaza settlers was simply too great to justify."
Quit repeating the defeatist propaganda! The Israeli Defence Forces are sworn to protect Jewish citizens whether they're in the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat or Gaza. Think it through: what if the inheritors/settlers said we don't want to serve around Haifa or Tiberias?
More arguments:
"Is it not obvious that Sharon is moving to annex all of Jerusalem and those portions of the West Bank that can be reasonably defended?"
Israel can easily evict their sworn Arab enemies - both within and without Israel proper, as any self-respecting country would immediately do.
Israel should have immediately annexed all the biblical territories God empowered them to liberate in 1967. "He who hesitates is lost" is proven true by the fickle Israeli policy of acting like they weren't really sure what to do with their expanded Jewish homeland that God gave them.
Israel has forcibly transferred Jews for "peace," so now it's past time all those Arabs (living in a sea of Jews) within the Green Line are REMOVED, permitting the Arabs to feel what painful concessions are like (for once), "sacrifices for peace," "land for peace" and all those other loony tunes.

About The Author

David Ben-Ariel, an American author who has travelled widely and who has lived throughout Israel, shares a special focus on the Middle East and great interest in Jerusalem, reflected in hard-hitting articles that help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out www.benariel.com.

This article was posted on August 24, 2005

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