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Author: Kevin Nunley

Get No-Cost Publicity With Audience Hot Buttons

by: Kevin Nunley

Media is constantly giving away free publicity. Every time you see a business mentioned in your local newspaper, or on TV news, or in an ezine, you can bet their sales jump.
Media editors almost never give free publicity just because they want you to sell more products or services. Instead, they use your story when you offer one of the things their audience is interested in.
Here are three top hot buttons readers, listeners, and viewers respond to:
* Information that makes the audience feel important. This could be provocative inside info (like tips on getting listed on Yahoo) or points on why the reader belongs to a special group of above-average people who will be blessed with a special opportunity.
* Tips to help the audience make more money, save money, or save time. Time is money, especially these days when most of us have far too little time for ourselves. Any story that benefits the audiences' pocketbook or their schedule will be of immediate interest to editors.
* A story that shows how to improve the reader's health or relationships. These are top topics for all media. It is hard to find a newspaper, TV newscast, or magazine that isn't filled with stories on how to feel better and how to get along with those close to us.
Think of ways your next press release, article, interview, or tip to the newsroom can contain one or more of these three elements. You will find editors and producers respond.
One of the things media love best are experts. Watch when a big story hits the news and where to they go, straight to local or industry experts who can give some perspective on the story.
People love experts. We want advice from experts, tell our friends about experts, and often prefer to buy from experts. Clearly, things are good if you can get a large following of people to value your advice and recommendations.
How can you become a recognized expert in your field? It may be easier than you think.
Experts usually have three things: (1) experience in their field, (2) some new or unusual info, and (3) some way to reach a lot of people with their tips and ideas.
You probably already posses several of these three. You can get new or unusual info by visiting your local college library, spending a few evenings searching online, or by carefully reading industry journals and newsletters that most others don't have time to read.
Write up a list of ten tips, a series of short articles, or jot down a few items you could discuss in an interview. Then spread your information to as many people as you can.
Start your own e-mail newsletter. Combine your tips with your bio and a press release. Send it to your local newspaper or a magazine in your industry. Send one of your articles to your industry's leading trade journal or newsletter.
Talk radio is constantly looking for guests. Present yourself as an expert on a timely topic who has helpful information for the audience.
People who write books are also considered experts. Make your book at least 100 pages long. Self-publish a few copies at a print shop. Then send a copy to your local radio, TV, and newspapers.

About The Author

Kevin Nunley helps promote businesses and individuals with ezine articles, ads, and press releases. See his affordable deals at http://DrNunley.com - Reach him at kevin@drnunley.com

This article was posted on August 19, 2005

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